Barb wire Rose Provides Light for the Cross: Tattoo Symbolism

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Light for the Cross By Audrey Gillam - 2011

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Soon my art will be featured in a local tattoo shop and I guess with the excitement and anticipation of getting that set up, this piece came to mind. Towering over the luscious green hills, a beautiful salmon colored rose emerges in the darkness while providing a peaceful light over the cross or a personal memorial site. The twisted barb wire stem of the rose clutches a sacred heart in its grip. With symbols commonly used in tattoo design included in this piece it seemed appropriate for a tattoo shop.

Popular tattoo symbols and their original meanings:(see references on my links page)

The Sacred Heart (also known as Sacred Heart of Jesus) is one of the most famous religious devotions to Jesus’ physical heart as the representation of His divine love for Humanity. ~Wikipedia

Today, there are many different variations on the sacred heart tattoo theme, and it does not matter whether you combine it with a cross, a crown of thorns, or angel wings, everybody understands that the central meaning of this design, is dedication to Christ. ~Tantilizing Tattoo

The barbed tattoo has taken its inspiration from the crown of thorns which Jesus was made to wear before being crucified. It is a symbol of strength and faith in the power of the almighty. It is also a symbol which represents the fact that the individual wearing the tattoo has seen much hardship in his life and has been able to withstand all hurdles and pain, because of his faith in the Lord. The fact that he too is one of the many children of God and he will be given peace after he passes through this life onto heaven, where he will face his final judgment, is one of the symbols that this tattoo represents. ~Buzzle

The Rose tattoo generally represents love and beauty. A coral colored rose (similar to salmon colored) is said to represent desire.

The Cross can represent several different meanings and is personal to each person getting a cross tattoo. For some it’s the obvious meaning of Christianity and a love for Christ, other times people transform the cross in their own Gothic, Celtic, or Tribal styles and can symbolize respect to lost loved ones.

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